The Bianchi Methanol CV Review

Bianchi has finally begun including Countervail vibration-canceling technology in its mountain bike line with the introduction of the newhardtail Methanol CV. 

Since 2013, Bianchi has been weaving Countervail, a vibration-dampening visco-elastic fiber, into the carbon fiber tubes of its road bike frames. It began with the seatstays and fork legs of the Infinito, its premium offering aimed at the Spring Classics, and then worked its way through the line until Countertail was included throughout the frames on all of Bianchi's premium offerings, including the super-lightweight Specialissima. 

Working with Materials Sciences Corporation, the American company that developed the material for use in aerospace products, Bianchi co-developed the Bianchi CV system that pairs the visco-elastic material in the layup of the bike's fibers to cancel up to a claimed 80 percent of vibration in the frame. According to Bianchi, this system is lighter and simpler than adding rubber inserts or isolators because it can be located throughout the frame at key areas to offer better traction and more control under braking, sprinting, and cornering, with reduced fatigue for the rider.