Review: Bianchi Infinito CV Disc Ultegra Mix

Bianchi’s partnership with the USA’s Materials Sciences Corporation has seen it use their co-developed patented Countervail vibration-damping composite, most notably in its Infinito CV bikes. The Infinito is part of Bianchi’s endurance C2C range (sea-to-sea – see what it’s done there?). Countervail consists of a special lay-up of the carbon fibre and resin that allows for a degree of elasticity. The claim is that this reduces high-frequency vibrations from rough road surfaces by 75 percent compared with a standard carbon frame, all without adding any weight — this disc-specific frame weighing just 990g.

Frame geometry is based around Bianchi’s long-standing C2C numbers. The company has always erred to the racier — rather than the sportive — end of the spectrum, so even in its disc-braked guise the Infinito is a compelling race machine with sharp handling and a more aggressive riding position than most sportive-specific machines. The geometry makes for a bike that handles quickly without being twitchy.

Like Giant, Bianchi was an early adopter of discs and, as also with Giant, it has stuck with standard quick-release axles rather than going for thru-axles. It doesn’t seem to have hampered braking at all, as we suffered neither brake rub nor noisy braking.

That said, Bianchi produces another model with the same name minus ‘Mix’. It comes with full Ultegra, Fulcrum wheels and front and rear thru-axles and costs £4,200. Your choice.