Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Review


Our Verdict

Once again, the Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic is a well-deserving candidate for our Editors' Choice Award. This model performed consistently across the board and was very clearly designed for repeated use on long, demanding rides. There is a reason you see this pannier more than any other on the racks of hardcore bike tourists; it has set a precedent for waterproofing, capacity, and bombproof construction. It has all the features that we would look for in a well-thought-out pannier design: reflective patches, shoulder straps, organizing pockets, secure mounting hardware, weatherproof material, and a roll-top closure. A true cyclist's pannier, this award winner has everything you'd need and nothing more.

Mounting System

The Ortlieb Back-Roller Classic utilized a very secure hook-and-latch style mounting hardware that we expected to see on user-friendly touring models. The advantages to this style of pannier are easy attachment and removal as well as a very secure hold while on the go. Once you've settled the bag into place and release the handle, a spring-loaded hook will surround the bottom of the rack, completely locking in around the cylindrical aluminum. Additionally, once you're ready to remove the pannier, the hooks will unlock as you grab the handle to lift it off the bike.


Review by: Outdoor Gear Lab

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