What distinguishes an outstanding brake? We at MAGURA believe in individualization. Only when a brake is perfectly adapted to your needs can it deliver its full performance – and we offer you a wide range of options to get the most out of your MAGURA brake by adapting its ergonomics and its color to your wishes.

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Braking force and modulation – two things that are essential for a good brake. At MAGURA, however, we go one step further – to get the maximum performance from your brake, it must be adapted to your individual needs.

This is why we offer you five different ways of changing the ergonomics of your brake:


The HC3 lever was developed together with Danny MacAskill. It allows the rider to perfectly adapt the lever ergonomics to his or her own preferences. In addition to the lever width, the transmission ratio and consequently the braking force can also be adjusted – a true innovation in the mountain bike sector.

The settings options of the HC3 lever at a glance:

  • Lever width adjustment: Close to the handlebars or further away? The lever width adjustment lets you adjust the lever exactly how you want it to be.

  • Ratio Adjust: By changing the mechanical ratio, you can set the right braking force for any surface:

    • On high-grip surfaces a large transmission ratio = high braking power

    • On slippery surfaces, e.g. wet or muddy, a small transmission ratio = better modulation


The ergonomics of the shorter HC aluminium lever are designed for riders who like to have their levers close to the handlebars and have only one finger on the brake. The weight is almost identical to the 2-finger lever. The 1-finger HC aluminium lever is the perfect choice for drivers who like "short and crisp" braking.

1-FINGER HC, CARBON (ab Modelljahr 2019)

The 1-Finger HC lever comes in a carbon version from model year 2019. The advantages are obvious: The lever is stiffer and lighter, which is especially interesting for weight-oriented drivers.


This is the big brother of the 1-finger HC aluminium lever. Its extra length and reduced curvature makes it particularly suitable for riders with large hands or those who like to have their levers further away from the handlebars. The extra length also provides greater leverage and helps to put the braking force where you need it – on the trail.



The 2-finger carbon lever has the same geometry as the aluminium version. It's characterized by higher rigidity and an extremely low weight.

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