ROTOR: What are the most important components of a mountain bike?

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The different MTB disciplines are gaining more and more popularity and followers. There are many today who take up cycling and ride a bike for the first time, while others upgrade different parts of their bikes to enhance and optimize their effort on each ride.

So, those who are planning to acquire a new mountain bike should look at:

  1. Frame and handlebar.

  2. Wheels and fenders.

  3. Fork.

  4. Type of brakes.

  5. Saddle and pedals.

  6. Chain.

  7. Chainrings.

  8. Cranks.

  9. Hubs.

  10. Bottom brackets.

  11. Cassettes.

  12. Power meters.

We’ll base this post on the assumption that you already have the basics of your bike. That is, you have the first five items and have even looked at the type of MTB chain you want.

Remember that the discipline we are going to practice –whether XC-Marathon or Enduro– is important. 

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